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Installing the right hotel flooring

There are some myths related to cork flooring and it is essential to understand its characteristics to be able to make the right choice and benefit from everything it has to offer. The important aspect is that it can be used in households and in commercial areas, as hotel flooring and such. Heavy furniture will not damage the surface and it can withstand intense traffic. Dings and small impacts are absorbed thanks to the material’s composition. Cork is highly flexible and dense, being harder than carpets, but softer than wood. One of the greatest features is that it will spring back and even after furniture is removed, it will come back to its original shape.

A hotel flooring has to be quite durable in order to withstand wear and tear and regular traffic. Cork is recommended and well-known for this ability, since it can withstand years to come when it is properly maintained. Not to mention it resists abrasions and cracking. As a hotel manager, you can surely advertise that your property is health-oriented. This is because the material is resistant to mildew and mold and it doesn’t affect the air quality in any way. Certainly guests who suffer from allergies will appreciate the atmosphere and will book accommodation once they know this aspect. Not to mention they will return to your property.

Safety and security should be a priority for everyone and another great advantage is that cork is fire-resistant and will ignite and melt only at very high temperatures. During combustion, it will generate less smoke and less toxic than other materials, such as vinyl, for example. No one can deny that cork is highly comfortable and a pleasure to walk on. It gives that cushion sensation and it is a natural insulator, both acoustic and thermal. This means that rooms will be quitter and warmer. As a manager, just think that this way you can save money on heating bills and your guests will appreciate tranquility and being able to sleep well and relax. Nowadays, there are a variety of design choices when it comes to this flooring and a person can easily find a variety of models out there, sizes, colors and styles.

Knowing these considerations about cork, one can easily say that the option is suitable for homes as well, in any room of the house. As a matter of fact, it is a good solution for basement flooring. All the mention qualities apply to it and on top of that, the material is naturally water-resistant. Some manufacturers enhance the feature by adding extra coating and treatment. You can request more information once you discuss with someone specialized in the field that can help you choose the right type. Cork flooring comes in many styles and varieties, depending on where it will be installed and what each person prefers.

One can choose to install basement flooring on their own, because cork-based products are easy to operate and use. You can find many guides online and even discuss with providers for advice. Additional products might be required, but you can easily find them online or at specialized shops. Speaking of which, finding the right provider is a challenge, but can be done by looking over some essential aspects: experience in the field, actual catalogue and how many products are in stock, delivery time, any additional costs and such. when you deal with a manufacturer or a provider directly, you can ask for advice and get to know more about the existing solutions and what is more recommended for your case, what works best, what to expect and such. Perhaps you are installing a new floor in your home or commercial center, a hotel, and you want to make sure that the chosen product is more than suitable and meets all your needs.

Are you building or renovating your hotel establishment and need a high-quality flooring solution? If you have never thought about it, cork is highly recommended for hotel flooring. The material is suitable for humid environments as well, including for basement flooring.

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