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Is It the Right Time to Switch to a Cork Floor?

The right answer to this question is that right now is the best time to switch to a cork floor, even if you are looking for the best bathroom flooring option. The key here is to do some proper research and come across a fantastic provider.

Nevertheless, here are some situations where you might find it useful to invest in some cork tiles. For example, if you are sick and tired of being bothered by the noise that the people in your house make when they walk around at all hours of day and night, cork is a great idea. The main reason would be the fact that you will no longer hear anyone walk around, even if they are wearing heels. Cork absorbs sound. The thicker the tile, the better it is at reducing the noise that you have to deal with.

Another situation associated with the noise problem is the one where children play and jump and scream in their room. Well, if you were to install a cork floor in this room and also add some cork wall panels, you would no longer be bothered by so much noise. An additional benefit would be the fact that cork is also shock absorbent, which means that it is going to prevent your little ones from getting hurt if they somehow slip and fall on the floor. This is also a good idea for elderly individuals as well. If your parents seem to be prone to getting serious injuries, you would be able to help them by having such a floor installed in their home.

A great moment when you should consider opting for this kind of flooring solution is when you do not like spending hours and hours cleaning the house. The best part about cork tiles is that they can be easily cleaned. You can just sweep them whenever you want to or you could just vacuum them. Of course, if you were to find that the dirt is stubborn, you can also decide to wipe it with a damp cloth. The floor will look as good as new. If you are worried that the tiles will no longer look as good in a few years, you should know that it is in your power to change that. You just need to reapply a new coat of the water based polyurethane that you used after installing it in your house.

When you do not like stepping out of the shower onto a cold ceramic tile, the solution is to get some carpets or look into the best bathroom flooring made out of cork. This way, you can be certain of the fact that your feet will feel warm and that you will feel as if you are walking on air while stepping on the cork tiles. Before ordering the tiles, make sure that you find out more about the kind of cork system that is more suitable for this particular room.

Seeing as we are talking about a humid environment, you might want to look into a floating floor. This means that you need to stay away from glue down tiles, that will not be a good choice for the bathroom. Another great time to look into these cork tiles is when you are sick and tired of paying so much for heating up your home or keeping it cool. When you install this kind of floor, you will manage to reduce costs regarding this aspect because cork is a great thermal insulator as well.

Due to the fact that there are so many cork providers on the market, it would be recommended that you find out more about the ones that have a good reputation. It would be even better if you opted for the cork products offered by direct importers that do not use any middlemen. The main advantage that you will be able to benefit in this case would be the fact that you will pay lower prices while having the chance to get the best possible quality. You should ask the right provider for instructions regarding how you can install the tiles and maintain them properly so that you will benefit from the 25-year warranty offered by certain manufacturers.

Regardless if you are looking for the best bathroom flooring or for any other room of the house, cork floor can definitely cater to your needs. Find out more about this option and how you can install it in your home as soon as possible!

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