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Signs of alcohol withdrawal

Due to severe drinking, the body becomes dependent on patterns and frequency and when you stop out of a sudden, the body needs some time to figure out what it is missing and how to respond. This is how signs of alcohol withdrawal show up and they can be rather painful and uncomfortable. Even after a couple of hours after drinking symptoms appear, but they become more severe within 24 to 48 hours. At that time, people experience the worst of it; a few examples include increased heartbeat, sweating and fever, insomnia, hallucinations and tremors.

The signs of alcohol withdrawal vary from person to person and there are several elements that influence them. Some people can experience the mild ones, while others can even reach complications and require medication and medical supervision. To get an idea, delirium tremens is the most severe symptom and if it is not treated accordingly, it can be deadly. It might appear within the first 48 hours after quitting drinking and during this time, people experience hallucination, shaking and confusion and high blood pressure. During detox period it is best to get in touch with a medical professionals and find out what he/she recommends, what treatment is more suitable, if medication makes the situation more bearable and such.

Knowing the stages of alcohol withdrawal helps prepare people better. After the ingestion, in the first hours, 6-12 to be more specific, patients observe how they become more agitated and anxious, they have headaches, start shaking and even vomit. Within the following 12 to 24 hours, seizures can occur, along with hand tremors and disorientation. After 48 hours, more complicated symptoms take place, among which insomnia, high blood pressure, and hallucinations of all kind, auditory, visual and tactile, excessive sweating and the mentioned delirium tremens. However, various factors influence symptoms, such as medical history, occurring health condition, period of drinking time, amount consumed, frequency. Of course, those who combine alcohol with drugs experience severe symptoms.

After these stages of alcohol withdrawal, some people can face other side effects, known as PAWS, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. These take place after the withdrawal and individuals need to take action, as the period of time necessary for recovery can be up to one year. In this situation, common occurrences refer to anxiety and having trouble sleeping, delayed reflexes and memory issues, dizziness, having almost no energy for daily tasks and emotional outbursts. As seen, these can easily turn out to be violent and to cope better with the situation, it is recommended enrolling in a treatment program that has the purpose of helping individuals that want to quit drinking, throughout the process and even afterwards.

Rehab facilities provide support and facilities to assist those struggling with this addiction. Besides support and guidance, medical professionals can prescribe medication. In some cases, depending on what each person requires, therapy is recommended, to find out the cause of alcohol abuse, what triggers it and how to cope better with the healing process. It is hard to find one treatment that helps every person, since everyone faces their own problems and patterns. The key is searching for help and nowadays, there are many support groups and facilities that help people and assist them in the healing process. Even after quitting drinking, recovery still goes on and with the help of support groups, individuals will not fall in the same situation all over again. People should be able to discuss openly about their problems and challenges and share experiences. This is one of the best ways to deal with various situations and find solutions, knowing they are not alone and many struggles exist.

Do you want to discover the signs of alcohol withdrawal to recognize them better and know what to expect. They might sound scary and uncomfortable, but it is all worth it when you know you can get rid of the addiction. If you want to go through the stages of alcohol withdrawal smoother, get in touch with professionals and rely on their help.

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